So Many Tomatoes!

April 14, 2021 , , , ,

Here’s a great way to use them up I made this quickly for lunch the other day and it was delicious. It would be great to freeze some, too. This is the sort of thing that you can add or omit pretty much anything, so do be shy to use up some of the stuff from your crisper drawer. If you make too much, freeze a quart!

First thing is to get a pot of rice going so you are ready to eat when the stew is done.

Chop and sauté in a very large deep skillet eggplant, peppers, summer squash, celery, onion-whatever! Salt these now while they are cooking. Once those things get going, coarsely whack up all of the tomatoes on your counter- you know, the ones from last week that need to be eaten NOW, the little ones that don’t fit on your BLT, cherry tomatoes- anything! Chuck them in your pan and get a nice
simmering stew going. Simmer for maybe at least ten or fifteen minutes- however long you have. I take an hour lunch, so I’m not dilly-dallying here. Add a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. At the end toss in some greens liked chopped kale, chard or spinach.

Voila! Serve over rice or pasta. I like to put a handful of Parmesan cheese in my bowl, too. You could do this in a larger pot, too. I guess I use my skillet because I’m in a hurry at lunchtime and the greater surface area lets the tomatoes cook down a little quicker. If you are doing this in the evening, put everything in a soup pot and simmer away while you relax!