What Laura Made this Week (July)

Broccoli, scallion, garlic scape, goat cheese pizza- delicious for dinner and I love having the leftovers for a quick lunch or breakfast. We like a thinner crust. There are tons of recipes out there. Find one and play around with it. We make it on a cookie sheet sprinkled with a little corn meal before the crust gets laid down. This time we omitted the red tomato sauce and just went with veggies and cheese. All the veggies were chopped pretty small and raw when they went on top. It was a good idea:)

My mom served a delicious veggie tray with sliced kohlrabi, cucumber, carrots and peas. She made three different dips- a miso dip, blue cheese dressing and a green goddess dressing from the latest issue of Fine Cooking. It was really perfect to have the fresh veggies to munch on before our walleye dinner.

Sweet potato hash- sautéed shredded carrots and sweet potatoes with a bunch of scallions. Cracked an egg on top and let it steam. We served it over a bed of salad mix dressed with a dill-mustard vinaigrette.